Why I invented the HandyHanger®

For years I thought there must be a better way to hang pants. Think of the traditional way. How many different steps must be executed to accomplish this task?

1) Turn your pants over and line up the bottoms.
2) Hold bottoms with one hand while placing arm halfway down pants.
3) Fold in half.
4) Pick up hanger with free hand.
5) Run hanger up the leg.
6) Place hanger under your chin.
7) Line up creases at hanging point.
8) Finally - Hang them.

Then when you want to wear them there's always that hanger crease or dust line! Sure there's the single pair clamp type hanger, but they eventually become weak and won't hold your pants, and the steps involved there are also lengthy:

Life is to short for all this hassle! If you think about something long enough a solution comes!

The HandyHanger®

1) Grab bottom end of pants
2) Press retaining plate
3) Insert pants and release

That's it!!! No more dust lines or wrinkles. I've got one in my shower room, the wrinkles vanish from the steam. My wife is happy, no more pants hanging on hooks or over tops of doors, now my kids even hang up their pants.

Try it, you will love it!! If you're not satisfied return it (within 30 days) for a full, no questions asked refund.

Hope you enjoy the HandyHanger® as much as I did creating it!!!

Mike Wenzler
Inventor and Managing Member
HandyHanger, LLC.