"What a great idea! I use the plastic one in the laundry room for my damp clothes to air dry. The Deluxe wood hanger is great for my husbands dress slacks, when I leave his belt in it actually pulls the wrinkles out while hanging. Fantastic! "
Laura, New Paris, Ohio            

"I always hated to hang up my shorts until I found the Handy Hanger.
Very easy to use! "
Jack, Chicago, IL        

"Great company to work with! Perfect customer service, thank you."
Rusty, Dayton, Ohio        

"I bought several of your products. I have 2 of your 7 pair Handy Hangers hanging side by side on the inside of my closet door. That’s 14 pairs of short and pants hanging in an area I could not use before. I also hung one on my wall behind my bathroom door. When I take a shower the steam removes the wrinkles from my clothes. I love them!"
 Dustin, Naples, Florida        

"I am a closet organizer and have found your product to be well received by many of my customers. Especially for use in the laundry room. Because they are portable, one customer fills up the Handy Hanger in the laundry room, then takes it their kids rooms and they return it when empty. We haven’t found many wanting to hang it from the closet shelf, most use the door hanger or attach it directly to a wall."
The Closet Shop, Tamme        

"Great products, and great service, thanks HandyHanger.com for everything"
Mary, London, UK  

"Thank you very much for your GREAT Customer Service!"
Kelly, Atlanta, GA